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What devices does Coolpo supports?

It supports iPhone 7/8, iPhone 7/8 plus and iPhone X,XS

Will Coolpo supports iPhone 11?


We are planning to support the new iPhones, however,

we will need the real phones to measure the exact distance and size in order to make the lens.

Once we have them, which are booked and on the way,

we will start working on the models. On the other hand, the algorithm also needs to be adjusted.

We will definitely do this, which will take approximately 3 months for us to launch a solution for the new iPhones including 11.


Will there be any other extra charges to use the functions mentioned ?


There will not be any extra charges or fees for you to use all Coolpo functions we mentioned in the campaign, don't worry about that:)

App will be activated and tied with your account by scanning the QR code we provide for you in the package,

once you activate the app, all function could be used without any other fees.


Something abour QR code


Several costumers have told us they are facing the unsuccess active when they first download coolpo from app store.

So we modified our API to solve this problem. If you have faced the same question, please try again with your Qr code.

If questions keep unsolved, please contact us at any time.

Thanks for your support.